YOYO World is donating medical masks to first responders, hospitals and law enforcement.  We have received an overwhelming response from our customers on how they can support our donation efforts. We are giving you the opportunity to purchase the masks at cost to send to your desired location.


There are 2,000 masks in each carton.  Each mask is .65 cents and includes direct shipping to your desired location using Fedex, DHL or UPS.  Shipments received between 8-14 days of order.


Product Details:

  • Disposable Medical Mask
  • Made of non-woven fiber fabric
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Soft and skin-friendly
  • Disposable face mask is 3-ply with ear loop

Medical Mask Donation at Cost - 2,000 pieces at .65 cents each

SKU: 2020-314158

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