All About YoYo!


Welcome to YOYO World!   We are engaged in designing, manufacturing and distributing on trend products to wholesale, retails and end customers.

We strive to provide safe, high quality, innovative and trendy products that reinvent traditional practices and ideas.   


We started off with a utility  patent for retractable lip gloss that you clip on to your hip or bag - YOYO Lip Gloss.  Now we have expanded into a world of endless fun and possibilities including but not limited to DIY Slime Kits, Novelty and Beauty, Toy and Impulse, and Ready-made compounds.   


Our goal is to inspire customers to be creative, kind, and give back to those in need around the world while having fun!

Call Us: 800.YOYO-LIP (800-969-6547)  |  Fax: 718.889.6064 General Questions: