What is Cheerleading?

Cheerleading is a recreational sport activity involving dance and gymnastics moves used to motivate crowds during a sports activity. Cheerleading first started in the late 1880’s by a Princeton University graduate Thomas Peebles. He first heard a chant by an organization at an American Campus during a football game ["Ray, Ray' Ray! TIGER, TIGER, SIS, SIS, SIS! BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Aaaaah! PRINCETON, PRINCETON, PRINCETON!"] He then took the chant and associated it football and from there cheerleading evolved.

Cheerleading Tips and Tricks!

  • Always smile!
  • It is best to practice in front of a mirror so you can see your facial expression!
  • Practice moves and words together!
  • It’s best to yell from your stomach rather than your throat!
  • Your arms should be in front of your face when clapping.
  • When practicing your shoulders should be relaxed.
  • When trying out for a team, always have a good attitude.
  • Before trying out you should practice as much as possible.
  • For toe touch tips land with a slightly bend in your knee.
  • Always point your toes.
  • Make sure you keep your head up and you’re back straight.
  • Try to bring your legs to your hands when doing toe touches.
  • Before practicing do some stretches, it gets your muscles warmed up.
  • All stunts should be performed to timed counts.
  • Feet should not go more than shoulder width when performing fly stunts.
  • When performing stunts always have proper supervision.
  • You should cut your nails, tie your hair up and never wear jewelry because they may cause unnecessary accidents.
  • Wear proper outfits.
  • Never practice stunts without a coach or adult supervision.

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