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U.S Cosmetic Industry Teens & Tweens

Package Facts estimated grooming product retail sales either sold to or bought for teens and tweens aged 8-14 to be approximately 7 billion in 2002, a 4.7% increase from 2001. These products include items marketed directly to kids or for general use. The CAGR for sales between 1998 and 2002 was 4.6%. In 2002, cosmetics accounted for 14% of purchases within the teen grooming sector (view Table 5 below) (The US Market for Teen & Tween Grooming Products 2003). Euro Monitor estimated that teens accounted for 20% of total sales within the cosmetic industry (2005) (Centaur Communications: Marketing Week, America; Flat sales spur cosmetic brands to try new routes to market 2006).

Teen & Tween Grooming Product Sales 2002
Table 5
(The US Market for Teen & Tween Grooming Products 2003)

In 20002, Lip color experienced the most growth within the teen cosmetic sector, accounting for approximately 15% of retail dollars spent.

2002 Retail Cosmetic Dollar Sales Used by Teens & Tweens
Table 6

The US Market fir Teen and Tween Grooming Products 2003
Table 9