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Market Research and Analysis

Female Teen, Tween & Young Adult Population Projections

The female tween population is projected to decrease slightly (-.09%) by the year 2010, translating into 11,719,054 female tweens (see Table 3). During this same time period, the female teen population is also expected to decrease by -4.25% and equating to 8,074,433 female tweens between the ages of 14-17 by year 2010 (View Table 2). The greatest increase (4.11%) in target population is visible among the young adult population aged 18-24 with 14,893,662 female young adults by the year 2010 (View Table 4). Overall, the total target population is projected at 34,443,375 (2006) and will exhibit a .71% increase by the year 2010, translating into 34,687,147 Tween, Teen and young adult females (View Table 5).

Tween Population ProjectionsTable 2

Tween Population Projections
Table 3

Young Adult ProjectionsTable 4

Population Target
Table 5