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Market Research and Analysis

Promotions & Advertising for Teens and Tweens

According to KidzEyes a way to reach children ages 6-14 is to provide them with something free.

  • About 55% of boys and 50% of girls say that receiving free gifts with a product is there
    most favorite type of promotion and about 48% of boys and 52% of girls say they like
    to get free samples.
  • One of the most popular types of promotion is having items on sale, 97% of kids ages
    12-14 and 89% of children ages 6-8 say that they bought items on sale. According
    to KidzEyes as girls get older they are more likely to participate in frequent buyers
  • Another form of attracting kids to raise profile on brands are in-store scavenger hunts.
    In-store scavenger hunts take place in Wal-Mart stores and are sponsored by
    their marketing partners. This promotional event is a way to reach children and
    promote your brand (Packaged Facts: 2004). 

According to a survey conducted by the Simmons Market Research Bureau dated Fall 2003.

    • 50.9% of parents with children between ages 3-7 agrees with the statement"Ads help me learn about products available"
    • 40.8% of parents with children between ages 3-7 feels that"Ads help me pick products for my kids" (Packaged Facts: 2004).