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Market Research and Analysis

Magazine Mediums & Teens

Magazine Ads reach out to teens easier than radio ads, tv ads or internet Ads according to a Neopets Youth Study dated 2004. Magazine ads are trusted by 29% of teens, while internet ads are only trusted by 18%; this reflects that 11% of teens trust magazine ads more than internet ads. The Initiative; Nielen November 2003, compared magazines and television performance and impact on teens aged 12-17; magazines outperformed prime-time television by 161 gross rating points. Teens who read magazines have more influence in purchasing household items verses teens who don't read magazines. Purchases such as music, games, makeup and clothes were influenced by more than 28% from magazine advertisements.? Marketers often advertise in magazines where teens spend the most amount of money; the top three categories are:

  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics
  • Entertainment

(Teen Market Profile Magazine)

According to a study based on teens 12 years or older by MRI Twelveplus, dated 2003, the three most popular magazines read by teen girls were as follows:

  • YM (46.9%)
  • Seventeen (35.7%)
  • Teen People (35.6%)

This study demonstrated that eight out of ten teens read magazines and are more dependant upon them for informational purposes, they also trust magazine advertisements more than television, radio or the internet (Teen Market Profile Magazine, 2004).