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Market Research and Analysis

Marketers Mediums for Teens and Tweens

Throughout the years 2000-2002, apparel companies made a change and began strengthening their brand concepts to focus more on tweens. They began opening chain stores tailored to tweens for example Limited Too, Rave Girl and G&G (Packaged Facts: 2004).

Celebrities influence on advertising products are effective for tweens ages 8-10 because they are more star stricken; about 72% of tweens often purchase products advertised by celebrities compared to 45% of kids between ages 11-12 whose opinion is "simply signal that the famous individual is making a lot of money to use the featured product" as reported in the Women's Wear Daily dated February 11, 2004 (Packaged Facts: 2004)

Cosmetic companies are marketing their brand towards both older and younger consumers since many teens are using brands that older siblings are using and teen girls are reaching puberty at the age of 10 and tend to put off childish brands. Instead of redesigning a product to fit the consumer, marketers are now changing their mediums.  For example, the same product can be marketed to different age segments by changing its marketing outlets (Packaged Facts: The US Cosmeceuticals Market).

Computer, television, music and electronic media are highly used by children ages 4-7; 70% of children use computers, 98% watches television, 99% of children between the ages of 4-6 listens to music and almost nine out of 10 children use some type of electronic media per day (Packaged Facts: The US Cosmeceuticals Market)  

As kids become older television viewing declines and radio listening increases. According to the study by Arbitron/Mindshare study, they found that tweens ages 8-12 watch more T.V compared to teens ages 13-17(Packaged Facts: 2004).