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Market Research and Analysis

Teen Consumer Behavior

According to Teen Market Profile's 2004 Study, teens between the ages of 12-17 love to shop in various venues such as discount stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, drugstores, apparel stores and many more, approximately 8% of mall shoppers are between the ages of 14- 17. Female teen shoppers frequently shop at malls, apparel and discount stores. The popular venues for female teen shoppers are the shopping mall/centers and discount stores. Teens are cost conscious due to the fact that 75% of teens search for lower prices and 73% visit the mall during a sale. An average spending per visit for teens at the mall is $46.80; they visit the mall once a week and are known to spend the most (Teen Market Profile Magazine).

Popular Female Shopping Venues
Teen Market Profile Magazine 2004
Table 7

In comparison with boy, girls purchase more merchandise, about 77% of young teen girls stated that they have bought merchandise at discount/department stores within the past four weeks. Also, compared to boys, 80% of teen girls between the ages of 12- 14 stated that they shopped at the mall at least once within a four week time frame; 16% of teen girls say that they visit the mall 4-5 times (Simmons Teens NCS).