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The Global Cosmetic Industry

The Global Cosmetic and Toiletry Industry reached over $155 billion in 2005. Color Cosmetics accounted for 15% of this total and thus equated to 23.8 billion dollars in 2005. Growth within the color cosmetics has remained constant and healthy since 2003.

Global Cosmetic & Toiletry
Table 2

Asia is the largest market for color cosmetics accounting for 33% of market share, see chart below. Latin America is expected to exhibit the fastest growth within the cosmetic global market overall with a CAGR approaching 8% between 2005 and 2010 (Global Color Cosmetics Market Assessment by Kline 2005).

Global Cosmetic Market Share
Table 3

The Americas rate stronger within the Lipstick sector accounting for 31% of global cosmetic purchases, see Table 4 below. Globally, color cosmetic sales are projected to reach 30 billion by 2010 and Lipsticks are projected to exhibit the fastest growth within this market.

Lip Stick Market Share
Table 4

The Lip Gloss became popular in the 1990?s during the natural look phase and continues to be popular in the 2000?s where people will begin using lip gloss early on in life (Global Color Cosmetics Market Assessment by Kline 2005).

Negative factors affecting growth include increased living costs, increased legislative jurisdiction, market saturation, alternate category focus. Positive growth factors include innovation, fashion trends, color trends and market investments (Global Color Cosmetics Market Assessment by Kline).