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Market Research and Analysis

Overview of Female Tween, Teen, Young Adult U.S Market

  • The female tween market (age 8-13)
  • Female teen market (age 14-17)
  • Female young adult market (18-24)

The 2002 U.S. teen, tween and young adult market segments aged 6-25, represented 27% of the total US population; this equates to 77,794,900 in population quantities (2002 US Census). The population aged 12-19 is a growing market and is expected to expand from 32.4 million in 2000 to 33.5 million in 2010 (Teen Market Profile).

The targeted market segments represent powerful forces within the U.S. economy. Parents of 3-12 year olds spend a considerable amount of discretionary income on their children for items such as clothing, personal care, food, entertainment and reading products. It is estimated that in 2008 these parents will spend 175.6 billion dollars on their children, a 16.4% increase when compared to 2003. Package facts also projects 3-12 year old purchasing power will reach 25.4 billion in 2008 (The US Kids Market 2004).

The teen population has a considerable amount of discretionary income which rises with age. Aside personal spending, the average teen has significant influence on household spending. In addition, teenagers are a powerful force within the cosmetic industry; in 2004, they accounted for 20% of the total value of sales within the cosmetic sector and (1) and in 2003, spent a total of 112.5 billion dollars (Teen Market Profile 2004).