YOYO Lip Gloss Girls

How to submit your video

You can make your video and submit it to 3rd party site, here are some examples

You Tube
Google Video
Photo Bucket
Bright Cove
Daily Motion
MSN Video
Yahoo Video

Once your video is online, go to this link and submit your video

All you need to submit your is the HTML code or the URL that your video is found on once it is uploaded on a 3rd party site.

But hey, don't forget to register or you will not be able to participate in our casting call audition!

Can't figure out how to upload to a 3rd party site? No problem, you can email your video directly to YOYO Lip Gloss at castingcall@yoyolipgloss.com and we will take care of the rest for you.

Wondering why you should submit your video? It could get you a free ticket to the commercial shoot. That‘s right, you could skip the casting call and head straight to the commercial shoot on November 9th, 2008 if your video is selected! Also, YOYO Lip Gloss staff carefully reviews each video you submit; we can help you adjust your performance so that you will be the best you can be the day of the casting call!

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